Groups Focus On #MeToo In Campaign Workplaces

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(WNIJ News) -- A panel is traveling across Illinois to hear about what it’s like to be a female in politics. The Anti-Harassment, Equality and Access Panel is hosting listening sessions to hear about sexual harassment in the political workplace.

The non-partisan panel is led by Comptroller Susana Mendoza, State Sen. Melinda Bush, and State Rep. Carol Ammons. 

Becky Carroll is Communications Director for the group. She says their findings on workplace sexual harassment can apply to all political races, not just in Illinois.

“I think human behavior is human behavior so we’re going to see this in different forms and different levels across the country,” said Carroll.

This organization is one of many focusing on female candidates.

The Anti-Harassment, Equality and Access Panel plans to create a report of their findings by Aug. 16, before the November election day. 

Upcoming panels will be held this month in Metro East, Springfield and Carbondale. Women can submit their stories and suggestions online at if they can’t attend a session, or want to register to attend an event, at