The 21st: State Lawmakers Take On Sexual Harassment In Politics

At 35 percent, Illinois ranks sixth in the nation when it comes to the percentage of state legislators who are women. But, as the national spotlight turned to the #metoo movement, Illinois was no exception when it came to allegations of sexual harassment in the statehouse.

Now, a new, nonpartisan Anti-Harassment, Equality and Access Panel aims to help eliminate harassment in the workplace, especially for women in government.

I spoke with two of the co-founders of the Anti-Harassment, Equality and Access Panel. Susana Mendoza has served as the Illinois Comptroller since 2016. She has also served as the City Clerk for the city of Chicago and was a state representative for the 1st District in Illinois.

Also joining us was State Sen. Melinda Bush who represents the 31st district which spans Northern Lake County.

(originally aired 8/14/18)